What is The Capital Pink?

The Capital Pink is an online magazine and store (click #shopPink) highlighting compelling companies, investments and industries that resonate with people. The Capital Pink encourages people to take ownership of their personal finances by engaging and learning about the companies behind the investment, particularly from an environmental, social and governmental perspective. #impactinvesting

As women, Millennials and Gen Z increasingly take charge of their personal finances, impact investing is more than a buzz word or trend. Individuals in these demographics are increasingly interested in putting their money where their mouth is perhaps more so than other age groups or demographics. These groups want to invest in things with which they can connect with and are interested. Impact investing fills this niche on many different levels and engages groups of people previously not interested in their own personal finance. The ability to direct money to products and investments targeting causes and goals that align with their value system is appealing and engaging.

Take some time to learn about the companies, industries and investments behind your favourite products and services and you might just end up getting hooked on taking steps to further your personal finance journey!

Image by Harli Marten @unsplash

Image by Harli Marten @unsplash

The Capital Pink does not provide any financial advice, but rather provides information on current financial topics and profiles public companies that are cool, trendy, interesting and compelling to women.  Other than a business and law degree, I have no financial accreditations whatsoever and am definitely not a financial advisor in any sense!  I learn along with you and provide my findings, research and information. 

For financial advice or stock recommendations, you definitely need to seek out a financial advisor or other individual as The Capital Pink simply provides information and it is up to you what you do with it.  Please read my Legal Disclaimer, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more info on these topics.

The Capital Pink is the operating name of ZSM Creative Inc. which owns this site.