What is The Capital Pink?

The Capital Pink is a place where women can discover, learn and engage with information about stock market investing and financial tools in an environment that is easy to understand and fun to follow.

You should read and follow The Capital Pink if you want:   

  • to discover and learn about investing in the stock market and other financial tools;

  • to discover and learn about companies that are interesting, cool and compelling. You may consider having an ownership interest in these companies through stock market investing once you complete your own research and analysis. If those companies grow and profit, you will too;

  • to have fun and get engaged with the knowledge you are learning and do things on your own terms; and

  • to work towards personal financial success.

I have always wanted to learn more about investing in the stock market but I could never get engaged with learning and following the companies like those in which my husband was interested.  I was interested in finding out about things like food, fashion, art, new retail concepts, kids companies, travel, etc.  He was not so interested in those things and so I would quickly become bored.  I thought that I must not be alone and decided to start this site where women (men are welcome too…) can learn together how to invest in stock market listed companies that are interesting and fun to learn about and follow.  If you are like me, you probably spend lots of time on the internet so let's work together to turn all that information we gather on a daily basis into something financially productive!

I find most investment and financial websites are confusing and overwhelming to us that are new to the game, so I wanted to create a site that was pleasant to look at, read and easy to understand. So… The Capital Pink was created!   

Other than my business degree and my background in law, I am new to much of this as well but I am keen to learn and share my findings and information with you (please read my Legal Disclaimer and my About page). 

I will provide some basic financial information about stocks and the stock market to get started and will review, with basic evaluation tools, interesting and cool public companies that will allow you to consider whether you want to use your new skills, learn more about the company and potentially invest… let’s get started!