DSTLD- Premium Denim and Essentials

DSTLD is an online fashion retailer providing premium denim and other fashion essentials online.  I have been on their email subscription list for awhile.  DSTLD cuts out the middleman and provides items at 1/3 the price of premium designs.  Their products are produced in the same factories as notable designer labels and as stated on their website: "As our name suggests, we focus on simple design, superior quality, and a pared-down product selection in order to deliver the perfect core wardrobe. We’re inspired by understated, modern style and live by a fundamental, edited color palette: black, white, grey, and denim."  I live in black so this sounds up my alley.


Anyway, I am profiling them on the blog as they have an interesting investment opportunity.  Check it out hereThis is not a public company so they are not yet listed on any stock exchange so shares once purchased are not tradeable.  The site says explicitly that you can expect to wait until the company lists on a stock exchange before you will be able to sell your investment or doing any sort of trading with it.  The shares are currently $0.50 each so a "penny stock".  There are some investor perks for investing such as 30% off the clothing. 

The founders look to be fairly knowledgeable about the area having come from high end and major fashion chains like GAP, Adidas, BCBG and John Varvatos.  The idea of premium at a lower cost should resonate with consumers and sounds promising.  If you are interested, do your research on the site as there is a lot of information about exactly how the investment would work.  You can also check out their clothing once on there!      

*top photo courtesy of the DSTLD website