Hello, my name is Melissa

Welcome to The Capital Pink. 

I am a lawyer and Mom to three kids.  I have combined my love of learning and researching anything and everything with my interest in trends, food, retail, interesting ideas and pop culture to create The Capital Pink.

The Capital Pink is a place where women can discover, learn and engage with information about stock market investing and financial tools in an environment that is easy to understand and fun to follow.

The Capital Pink allows women (and men if they like!) to get started in investing by providing information on publicly traded companies (those companies listed on a stock market) that are engaging and relevant to women as well as simple how-to information on various financial topics.  The goal of The Capital Pink is to enjoy learning about new things and to turn that knowledge into something financially productive.  Discover. Learn. Engage.

The Capital Pink does not provide any financial advice, but rather provides information on current financial topics and profiles public companies that are cool, trendy, interesting and compelling to women.  Other than a business and law degree, I have no financial accreditations whatsoever and am definitely not a financial advisor in any sense!  I learn along with you and provide my findings, research and information.  For financial advice or stock recommendations, you definitely need to seek out a financial advisor or other individual as The Capital Pink simply provides information and it is up to you what you do with it.  Please read my Legal Disclaimer, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for more info on all the legalities.

The Capital Pink is the operating name of ZSM Creative Inc. which owns this site.

I hope you enjoy learning along with me.  Let’s discover some cool things together!

(PS, landscape photo above: I took it and it is the view from my childhood home)